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DevExit Oy (Ltd)

Our mission is to build our future by helping our customers to add value to their sales and customer service processes. Our company was established in 1996.

DevExit´s reputation is built on experience, practical resources, methods and tools. Our future lies on our ability to build long-term relationships through excellent service, reliable training solutions and responsible implementation of development activities.

Products and Services include:

  • Management Consulting
  • Scotwork negotiation skills training
  • Sales and Customer Service training and consulting
  • Leadership training
  • Legal services

Doing Business in Finland: DevExit´s Foreign Customers Incoming Services

When accessing the Finnish market foreign customers are not only challenged with finding the right strategy and market opportunities but also face a foreign legal environment.

Our legal experts´ close knowledge of the Finnish and international legal environment and more than a decade of experience with multi-jurisdictional issues allows us to think and work across the boundaries of national issues and to focus on our clients immediate needs for getting business started and running. Our services include the setting up of a company, registration, employment, subcontracting, networking, and the related legal issues. We examine the legal issues related to our customers undertaking and provide for tailor-made solutions, seminars and assistance as may be required. We focus on getting it done.


Our customer commitments are:
  1. We will only accept assignment when we are convinced that we have the competence to add value to our customers
  2. We listen our customers carefully. At the same time we are active to bring up our points of view.
  3. We will show highest responsibility and long term commitment. We will always resource the projects with best expert knowledge.
  4. We will always remain confintendial and follow highest etchical principles

We are happy to answer any further questions.


DevExit Oy and Scotwork Finland
Jouni K. Paivola

Managing Director, Senior Partner

mobile +358 40 34 000 00